Thursday, August 14, 2008


I stand corrected about my rock coincidence. Kate helped me jumpstart my publishing skills and got a link going to Wikipedia. That site informed me that the rock cairns made to resemble human figures are named Inunnguaq and are not to be confused with Inukshuks. Definately, my pile of rocks is a male figure.

In the meantime, my sunburn has faded into a nice tan outline. I'm prepared to head out for our vacation on the Atlantic ocean at Cape Cod, about a 7-hour drive from here. It feels like an eternity since I opened my blog because so much has happened. I met all these amazing people who reacted to my write-up on Kate's blog and learned so much technical savvy by staying posted.

Tonight is the final evening of my 10-week acting course Phase I at the Montreal School of Performing Arts (MSOPA). I will be on stage performing as Sarah Blinski, a homeless woman. As a student, I was required to create a character from this name and write a monologue for her. I have a tiny bit of stagefright right now knowing that movie and theatre directors will be there. Since jumping out of an airplane at the "drop zone" in Empuriabrava, Spain I know it is all about the thrill of fear.

"If what Proust says it true, that happiness is the absence of fever, then I will never know happiness. For I am possessed by a fever for knowledge, experience and creation".
Anais Nin

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