Friday, August 15, 2008


One more walk through my garden to say " see you again in 2 weeks" to all my flower friends. Here are some of them, smiling full blast. Their faces are so different, even if they all belong to the same Daylily family. I keep inviting other members of this family in and a new bed, dedicated to them only, is being prepared in a sunny spot. Mid-July to the end of August, they all come out to show off: as soon as one face wilts, a fresh one pops out on the same stem! But they get tired of this after a while and become introverted, showing only their slim foliage.

Yesterday's presentation went so well and my teacher asked the invitees "Doesn't she look like Lucille Ball"? I remember watching Lucille and Dezi Arnez in "I love Lucy" as a kid and she is a comic icon. More comments: my role was sad and funny at the same time, touching but not pathetic, "real" because I showed the motherly side of my homeless character. One director felt that my strength was in the writing of my dialogue. I am learning that the more often I play the role, the more it evolves and deepens. We are aiming towards not acting but BEING (as in life, I realize). The art is the performance and the actor is the canvas. I begin with a blank canvas. I work on the painting until I feel it is done but looking at it afterwards, again and again. I know what I would do differently and I can use that insight for the NEXT painting/ role.... refining and simplifying it until I reach the truth.


kate said...

Lovely lilies! And so glad that your performance was a hit! It sounds like creating this character was a real journey for you. Love your analogy of the blank canvas as related to acting.

The Hunky Gardener said...

Very nice daylilies.