Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Message for Wise Women

Here is a shot of my pink and blue garden this morning....and a transcript of Divine Bean's message for the Wise Women's Circle.

Dear Divine Bean, what do the spirits of the people of Le Chenail want us to know?

The spirits of the people of Le Chenail want you to know that they are deeply moved by your interest and your care.
Us, that is us: Wise Women, who wish to be in contact with their land and culture and history.
What I say to you Wise Women: nothing can be done. Please accept this. Where you stand is a monument to change. Everytime you come here, remember us and...our time, like the towering forest is gone. What is still here is the Outaouais and the sky. The healing is the honouring of our lives and your own. Although you are not our children, we came before you.
Things have changed. Move forward now. I suggest that the people now create a beautiful garden in honor of this land. Plant again the native plants to close the circle of Nature.

Thank you, Divine Bean!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wise Women's Circle

Last Sunday, blessedly sunny and warm, the Wise Women's Circle met to honor the village of Le Chenail. It had been dismantled before it was flooded by the waters of the Outaouais River after the Carillon dam was built in 1961. The only remaining house was a stone building from 1810 that had served as the office and store of the Hamilton Mills. The house now serves as a tourist office.
I was asked to give a short history of Le Chenail ("The Snye" for English-speakers) and it was a fascinating project. In only 200 years, the area around the Long Sault rapids had been through a transformative period and now that the island was once again uninhabited, we wanted to honor its story. I also asked my Divine Bean to add some insight. The message is to follow in my next blog.

Monday, July 6, 2009


Yesterday was a standout Sunday: finally the rain and cold has stopped to bring out a breezy, clear and temperate frame for a fun trip to Montreal. First stop: Botanical Gardens. As a passionate gardener, I cannot get enough of all that splendor and variety. Here is a picture of Reto under a Maidenhair tree (Ginko Biloba). I have a tiny one growing in a sunny spot at home. Maybe in 30 years I will stand under it!

After a few hours of walking through inspiration, we hopped on our bikes and followed the designated path into downtown, where the Jazz Festival was in full swing. So much free and fun stuff! Drummers, magicians, marionette shows...and the people-watching.Here is a shot of the fountain with art-worthy reflections.