Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Message for Wise Women

Here is a shot of my pink and blue garden this morning....and a transcript of Divine Bean's message for the Wise Women's Circle.

Dear Divine Bean, what do the spirits of the people of Le Chenail want us to know?

The spirits of the people of Le Chenail want you to know that they are deeply moved by your interest and your care.
Us, that is us: Wise Women, who wish to be in contact with their land and culture and history.
What I say to you Wise Women: nothing can be done. Please accept this. Where you stand is a monument to change. Everytime you come here, remember us and...our time, like the towering forest is gone. What is still here is the Outaouais and the sky. The healing is the honouring of our lives and your own. Although you are not our children, we came before you.
Things have changed. Move forward now. I suggest that the people now create a beautiful garden in honor of this land. Plant again the native plants to close the circle of Nature.

Thank you, Divine Bean!

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