Sunday, November 15, 2009

Good Bye Spain

Today is my second to last day in Spain. This morning we went to the flea market, one of the biggest in this province. It was about 22 degrees Celsius and crowded. I shopped successfully: a Walkman to replace the one I broke (it actually worked! 5 Euros), a pair of new suede gardening gloves that go halfway up my forearm (3 Euros), a bar of chocolate-scented soap made here in Castello d´Empurias (2.5 Euro) and a pair of well-worn funky shoes (3 Euros).

Here are some photos of the beach at 8 a.m.

More Catalonian curtains.

These cows came toward me as I went along the bike path yesterday.

That wierd lemon I saw on my first day here has ripened. It´s delicious and so aromatic.

The river Muga going out into the Mediterranean sea.

It has been a wonderful 22 days!

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