Sunday, May 30, 2010

house for sale

Yes, it's true. My house is for sale! It is 6 years ago that I first saw it and fell instantly in love with the brick exterior and white verandas and the huge green barn (now weathered down). What a history this house has! It tickles me to know that my parents, who immigrated to this village from Holland in 1949 and only stayed a few months, must have walked past my house on their way to the store and waterfront.

We have renovated the house completely, leaving all the original historical (1905) elements, such as hardwood floors, 12" baseboards, plaster columns and ceiling moldings. The doors were stripped of 4 layers of paint to the original solid British Columbia fir. It is not a big house by modern standards. At one time though, in the 1960s when the Carillon dam was being built, 4 families from the Canary Islands lived here.

Why we are leaving? Our mission here is fulfilled: to polish this gem till it shines. Now we are ready for a life of zen simplicity and mobility. Our lives have followed an 11-year cycle and 2011 is the beginning of a new phase.

Welcome to a virtual tour of our "home for now".

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