Saturday, February 20, 2010

More Houses........ and Ashram Dogs

Here is a selection of some more cheerful houses in this area.

On December tenth last year. one of the ashram dogs, Brownie, gave birth to two puppies under a bush in the rain. I covered her hiding place with some plastified cardboard but when that finally wilted, she was taken to a place under the staircase. There she brought up her two girls, named Candy and Chocolate. They have become regular guests at my house, sleeping on the old coach on my terrasse and enjoying some treats I keep for them. Unfotunately Chocolate had an accident on the construction site 3 weeks ago. Yesterday she was finally euthanisd after all our care was not able to help her. Candy is well and joining her cousins, two boys and a girl, born on Christmas day, as they discover the ashram world.

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Gina said...

Such colorful houses, and cute puppies : )