Friday, June 26, 2009

June ATCs

This month we are having a special ATC meeting in Dunvegan: our "Christmas bash" has been moved to the middle of summer. We will meet as usual to trade cards and then stay on to share in a potluck buffet, scan over our ATC collections and check out the Swap Table. Each of us brings 3 things of quality that we wish to give away and put it on the Swap Table. Then we help ourselves to any object we would like to keep. Even those who don't bring anything can take whatever they like!

I'm in the middle of my one week vacation and I decided to sit down with my trusty 20-year old Pfaff sewing machine to repair some clothes. In the back of my mind, I was pondering what I would do for ATCs this month. After finishing my mending, I took one of my empty cards and tried out one of the 300 patterns that the machine can sew automatically. I played around with variations on the length and width of the stitches and different colors of thread. Once I had my 11 cards (9 to trade, 1 for Reto and 1 to keep), I took out my colored pencils and put my embroidery into a setting. Then I went over it all with Gloss Medium and added leftover snippets of the threads I had used.

That is how my "Pfaff Art Cards" were made!

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