Saturday, May 2, 2009

My Seniors

Today I went to visit my favorite senior citizens at a residence in a nearby town. For the first time, since meeting them a year ago, I took their pictures. Please meet Margery, Doris and Dorrit!

Margery asked me for some magazines: I brought her a pile of National Geographics from the 70s (that I had saved to cut out pictures) and she was delighted. When I dropped into her room she had the TV on and asked me to turn down the volume...she was so excited about having a visit! She is always concerned about my well-being!

Doris had just switched to a different room that she shares with a new room-mate. She seems to have adjusted well to this change. The door of her room was open (because she is interested in all the coming and going in the corridor) and she called when she saw me walking by. We always have a great laugh together because her mental state causes her to make up very fanciful stories. Her favorite theme is "I have to pack my bags and get ready to go home".

Dorrit does not look cheerful in this picture but she was not keen on having it taken. When I showed her the result on the screen of my digital camera she asked "Is that me?? Oh well..."
Since her son came to visit her at Easter, she has been in good spirits and today was willing to go on an adventurous journey...out the front door of the building. Due to her mental state, she has a difficult time understanding my explanation about how I get into the I decided to show her. It was a bit chilly outside and she was anxious about "finding her way back" but, once we had returned to familiar territory, she had a big smile and said " I learned something today"!

I really enjoy visiting my seniors and I have learned so much from these women. They are about the age my mother would have been, if she had not passed away in 1990. Have you ever thought about where you would like to be and how you want to live when you are 85?

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