Monday, March 16, 2009

It`s a Boy!!

A foal was born at Reto`s workplace two weeks ago. here you see him just 8 hours old.The mother, Smartie, is doing well. The little guy was wobbly on his long toothpick legs for a few days but is now growing in leaps and bounds. He has been given the barn name Moon because he has the same coloring as his blonde father.

Just look at how Moon has grown within a few days! He hasn`t been outside yet because the ground is still too slippery. The filly I wrote about on February 25th has been named Toots. You can see how she has grown in ten days. She went out for a few minutes on a sunny day and went wild....jumping and kicking and circling around. When she came inside with her mother, she was panting and trembling. The big wide world made an overwhelming impression on her.

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